BARABBAS by Felicia Buonomo

Translated from Italian by Sara Russell.

You speak to me of time that ravages,

of the rebellion that isn’t happening,

of dignity shattered

under the weight of angry words.

You tally my faults

with the voice of those who cried “Barabbas!”

You remind me that even the son of God

is made of flesh that bleeds and dies.

And that no one will watch, for me,

on the third day.

Felicia Buonomo is an Italian journalist. Some of her video-reportage have featured on the Italian national RAI television. Her poems have appeared in various Italian literary magazines and in the American magazine “Our Verse”. She’s author of the essay “Pasolini profeta” (Mucchi Editore, 2011), the book-reportage “I bambini spaccapietre. L’infanzia negata in Benin” (Aut Aut Edizioni, 2020) and the poetry collection “Cara catastrofe” (Miraggi Edizioni, 2020). She directs the poetry editorial series “Récit” for Aut Aut Edizioni




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