About Unpublishable


It is hard to get started in the publishing world as a writer.

When it seems like submission after submission yields no responses, the process of sharing your work can be a daunting one.

The Unpublishable Zine is the space for poets and authors who don’t have a notorious name, or connections in the publishing industry, or degrees from esteemed schools. we aim to showcase the work of poets and authors from all walks of life and give them the chance to say that they are a published author.

We also host a podcast, “The Unpublishable Podcast,” where we read poetry and stories from each feature we publish (granted, if we have permission to do so!).

We do not hold rights to the work published on our site and encourage the authors we have published to share their work elsewhere. All we ask is that if your work is going to be reprinted, please mention that it was first published by The Unpublishable Zine.

We want to be your stepping stone, and we want to prove to you that you are not unpublishable.

Unfortunately, Unpublishable is not able to pay authors for their work at this time, but we hope to in the future!


While Unpublishable encourages unpublished authors to submit unpublished poems and stories, we will of course accept previously published work from previously published writers.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but please indicate in your email if you have submitted elsewhere and please follow up with us if your work has been accepted and published in a different publication if we have not yet responded to your submission.

Unpublishable seeks poems in any style or form, structured or unstructured, rhyming or free verse, vilainelle or prose poem. We seek poems about the ordinary and the obscure, the grand and the simple. Give us your poems about love, your poems about your home, your poems about the cool bird you saw the other day.

Unpublishable also seeks short fiction in any genre, under 2,000 words, for our fiction section, THE SLUSH PILE.

Unpublishable will not accept any work that is inherently bigoted in nature. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, sexism, and all other bigoted ideas will not be tolerated or published here. Work glorifying abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.

Work with potentially triggering subjects is welcome, but we reserve the right to add a trigger warning to the post. We also reserve the right to flag the work we publish as not safe for work (NSFW) if that is applicable.


Submit your work here.

Submissions should be in either a .doc or .pdf format. Please submit up to 5 poems, with each poem on a separate page and a cover page with your name and email address so that we can best identify you. We will provide feedback as soon as possible!

We also welcome original art and photography to accompany poetry features so long as it is your own. Please do not send us artwork that is not yours.


Kristen is the Editor in Chief of The Unpublishable Zine, a Connecticut native, and a poet. As a poet who had never received an acceptance letter, she wanted to help other poets struggling to get published. After spilling her woes to her fiance, Ian, and he told her to “start a poetry blog.” Thus, Unpublishable was born.