Three Poems by Deborah Akubudike


“…you cannot truly love another until you know how to
love yourself”

one. two. three.

plucking, picking like flowers
in the middle of a baking summer
a decade ago though. i love her.

i breezed through it like the east wind; learned
of wabi-sabi pottery my vitreous face and body.
i learned to weave lacquer in my skin play with broken chords in an opera and smile because i love her.
there’s this silence in the opera house because the audience want more but
i can’t give perfect notes. besides
the chords aren’t broken eyes are
and thoughts break
it’s similar to ceramics. leave her alone, i love her.

i stare at the mirror, at who i used to be;
touching places the human eyes refuse to see
smiling at
how i’ve fallen for a special clay pot

my aesthetic self.

Autumn Eve

I see someone

frozen, where my body lays
carefully embalmed
   waiting for my grandchildren
to pick up the weeds,
 burn an incense and call out for
protection  a prepaid harvest,
the way the ears pick up the lyrics of
a withered song [one by one, till all that’s left is the East wind
of a once beautiful woman]
  and lets that fire burn them

Her grandson’s eating songpyeon
 the way
her mind ate her till she became
  the weed
everyone wanted to throw away
from her father’s grave.

Allegory of a Cave

From Plato’s definition, “love is a serious mental disease”; describing a romantic love.

black hollow eyes
and red irises dance wildly
waltz style, two by two in seven times two, i second that. gold darkness tongues licking flares
hands locked and satisfied fingers.

naked hot bloody eaten
frigging high
excuse my french. i’m drunk and torn from red roses, my tongue’s occupied
with two many  breathss
both his and mine; locking, interlacing and drinking scarlet hearts.
no interjections, flat out flattery, no tongues no lies.
but i’m watching myself drown in my lover’s liquor cave, our heartbeats reverberating, a feeling i can’t understand or explain bound
 in a rather untimely spell too hard, i fell
   to insanity luckily no bruises no bleeding
inside of me. i’m safe, in his eyes. those eyes.

i’m tainted? no, untainted
you see
no regrets. nonetheless, i know too well
when a pair of hearts beat, they’re alive.

Akubudike Deborah is a black poet and lyricist, who enjoys hiking, listening to music and writing. Her works have been featured in Cypress Journal, TWPM, etc .She can be found on Twitter: @akubudikedebbie and Instagram: @ad_poet.

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