TWO POEMS by George Owino

Trigger warning: this feature contains references to racism, slavery, police brutality, and violence.


Mama Africa
You bestowed your blessings
On your few sons and daughters
To lead all their other siblings
Love and care for their needs
Now they are becoming royals
They don’t want any questions
No brain is brilliant as theirs
They abduct and kill your offsprings
While looting the coffers
They drive in long motorcades
None of us is worth the roads
Whenever they move, we are worthless
They don’t remember about our taxes
Bought the cars and built the roads
Buys the fuel and feed their families
We are nothing in their eyes
Until the day they want our votes
They’ll be obedient, give us t shirts
Little sugar, salt and sell us hopes
In our ignorance, we believe their lies
Thinking, at last, we’ll see the changes
Or at least heed our voices
We vote them in holding their promises
Promises forgotten as soon they winners
We pray to God remind them about us
Leave it to him to save us
His sons and daughters abandoned us
And we’ll repeat the same mistakes
Our heads are nothing but decorations.


I am a threat
Whether I charge forward or walk away
You say I have it in me
One step away from causing harm
The young me and old me

You shoot, just shoot
Questions to be asked later
Does my corpse have a superpower
To talk back and say my side of the story?

In chains, we were dragged
From rich land, our home
In the fields, we slaved
And built what this country is

We are shouting
Shouting for our lives
Marching in peace
Just to get a point across

When we say our lives matter
We are not putting above yours
This just a gentle reminder
We are humans too

We are tired
Tip-toeing through life
No one to protect us
Gunned down like animals

They took an oath
To protect and serve
Are not worthy of protecting and serving
Why are we becoming your target practice

Tirelessly, we will shout
Full of tears and commitment
We will march forward
With bleeding wounds and broken hearts

George Owino is a Tanzanian aspiring writer. He draws inspiration from daily life and tries as much as possible to put something that touches his soul in one way or another.

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