FIVE IN THE MORNING by Aqueb Safwan Jaser

You tell yourself a lot of tales.
When it’s five in the morning.
Sometimes a mosquito buzzes.
But you mistake it with someone’s calling.

In the flashlight, you make pigeons fly.
Your shadow friends are here for a while.
But you’re surprised.
‘Cause you’re only used to goodbyes.

But that’s alright.
Even goodbyes slip the eyes.

The sun is nearly waking.
Your tales will be left unheard.
Probably, because, that’s what you preferred?

Aqueb Safwan Jaser is a Bangladeshi creative writer who appeared in an anthology titled ‘Ten Square:Hundred Word Stories From Bangladesh’, The Elixir Magazine, Revolt Magazine, and The River Bird Magazine. Being a cinephile he also writes for High on Films. Currently, he is pursuing a degree in Marketing while working as a Content Writer. 

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